TAIEX - Technical Assistance and Information Exchange

Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) is an instrument of the General Directorate for Enlargement in the European Commission. TAIEX assists countries in the Balkans with harmonization of legislation, application and use of EU legislation. Its services are offered on the basis of need, which it coordinates and at the same time contributes with its expertise in solving problems as swiftly as possible.

What services does TAIEX offer?
TAIEX offers technical aid and advice on the transposure of EU legislation into domestic legislation for benefiting countries and for administration in general and implementing and putting into force that legislation. Besides this, TAIEX also offers:

Who are those who benefit from TAIEX assistance?
Those benefiting from TAIEX are: the public and private sector undertaking the transposure, implementation and putting into force of EU legislation.

Key groups are:

TAIEX is mandated to offer assistance for the following beneficiary countries:
- Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey;
- Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosova, Montenegro and Serbia;
- Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldavia, Morocco, the Palestine Authority, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine and Russia.
New EU member states continue to benefit from TAIEX for one year after joining the EU.

TAIEX does not offer services for ordinary citizens or private companies.

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Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku