Task Force for European Integration


The Task Force for European Integration is a national consensus-building mechanism that aims to gather various experts from the entire governmental and non-governmental structures of the country, in order to discuss and analyse comprehensively the current state of affairs and the challenges that must be addressed within the European integration process. The Task Force aims to multiply the efforts and commitments through the participation and contribution of all actors in governance, politics, academia, the public life, civil society, media and other stakeholders who have an interest in the European integration process. This will be achieved through the division of labour into 7 Thematic Roundtables. Based on the challenges raised at the Thematic Roundtable, the Task Force will present specific recommendations for strategic policies of the European integration process. 

What is the Task Force

The Task Force is a new and temporary undertaking that aims to strengthen the dynamics and the quality of the European integration process. In a more specific way, the Task Force may be qualified as:

-    A National consensus-building mechanism;
-    Practical methodology of operation and of achieving results;
-    Competent in composition  and approach;
-    Expertise-based. 

The objective of the Task Force

The overall objective of the Task Force is the drafting of the national strategy for European integration. This will be achieved through a consensus communication based process between all relevant actors of the society. The first step for achieving this objective will be a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of challenges in all sectors of the European integration process in Kosovo. The second step will be the development of a draft of the national strategy for European integration.


In order to achieve effective consensus and to ensure comprehensive contribution, the Task Force and the Thematic Roundtables will be composed of:

-    Officials from central and local institutions;
-    Representatives of independent institutions and other public institutions;
-    Sectors experts and specific topics;
-    Representatives of  NGOs’, business community and professional associations;
-    Representatives of academic institutions and researchers from specific areas;
-    Representatives of the donors’ community, inside and outside Kosovo;
-    International experts;
-    Other interested parties. 

Specific results

By employing a consensual spirit and a comprehensive approach through systematic and consecutive commitment, the Task Force and the TRTs will draft and propose:

-    The comprehensive diagnostic report – which, inter alia, will identify the achievements and challenges in each sector of the European integration process by reflecting the dimensions of consultation, evaluation, analysis and best practices;
-    The proposal on the national strategy for European integration which is expected to provide an accurate definition of objectives, tools and activities available, including success indicators, supporting resources and other aspects.     


The two aforementioned documents – Diagnostic Report and the National Strategy for European Integration – shall be the result of a comprehensive and systematic work. The work shall be organized into seven (7) areas of policies:

-    Public administration reforms;
-    Justice, freedom and security;
-    Economy, finance and statistical data;
-    Trade, industry, customs, taxation, internal market, competition, health and consumer protection;
-    Innovation, information society, social and health policy;
-       Transport, environment, energy and regional development; and
-    Agriculture, fishery, forestry, food safety and rural development.

Secretariat of the Task Force

The Secretariat of the Task Force is established for the efficient and smooth running of the Thematic Roundtables. Through the Secretariat, the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ) support directly the work of the Task Force and of the Thematic Roundtables. The Secretariat shall co-operate closely with the leader of the Task Force/Ministry of European Integration (MEI) and on regular basis with the coordinator of the Task Force/General Secretary of the MEI. For more information about the Task Force and the Thematic Roundtables, as well as about related aspect of this mechanism, please contact:   

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku