Under Twinning, an expert from EU Member State, a practitioner in the implementation of the acquis, is seconded to a new Member State, acceding candidate or a potential candidate country, to effect a long-term change. The expert, known as a “Resident Twining Adviser” or RTA, is an individual seconded from a Member State administration or other approved body in  Member State to work full time for up to two years in the corresponding ministry in the Beneficiary Country to help implement an agreed project with targeted goals and objectives.
The RTA is supported by a senior Project Leader in their Member State administration, who is responsible for ensuring project implementation and co-ordination of input from the Member State. The Twining Partners agree in advance on a detailed Work Plan to meet an objective related to priority areas of the acquis, as set out in the policy orientations and informed by the European Commission Progress Reports and Monitoring exercises. The success of a Twining project rests upon full determination of the Beneficiary Country to carry out reforms and the reorganization that is needed. These arrangements place final and sole ownership of the Twining project firmly with the Beneficiary Country.

The whole project cycle starts with the Beneficiary Country demand-driven process. Twining therefore is more likely to be successful if the Beneficiary Country is fully determined to carry out the reforms and reorganization required in the context of accession to the European Union and in the context of the particular project.

Focusing on limited, relatively clear and well defined institutional targets, the successful project aims to reach an operational outcome in a particular field. Progress towards this end is measured by clear benchmarks that undergo continuous monitoring through Interim Quarterly and Final Reports.

In the Western Balkans Twining instrument started to apply since 2002 mostly in the field of Justice and Home Affairs. However, in Kosovo, Twining projects started being applied since 2006. Until now, 12 projects have been approved, and for the year 2009 three other projects are envisaged.

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